Condominium Services


Effective meetings are critical to the success of the condominium association and the management team. Preparation is critical in obtaining this objective. As part of our services, E.P. Management Corp. (EPM) will provide the following administrative responsibilities:

  • Coordination of the Annual and Special Meetings of the Unit Owners, including preparation of Notice of Meeting, agenda and proxy forms.
  • Provide notice of any meetings as required by the by-laws.
  • Attendance at Board Meetings and Unit Owner Meetings (number of meetings to be determined based on proposal).
  • Distribution of minutes per direction of the Board.
  • Provide Trustee’s with meeting materials which will include the meetings agenda and items for discussion.
  • Transition from Developer to Unit Owner Control.

General Administration

General administrative responsibilities of E.P. Management would include:

  • Maintaining all files and records for the Association.
  • Preparing general correspondences for the Association.
  • Maintaining names and addresses of Unit Owners.
  • Preparing special mailings to Unit Owners.
  • Monitoring and enforcing provisions of the Declaration, by laws, and rules and regulations as instructed by the Board.
  • Preparing and distributing the Associations newsletters and notices.
  • Prepare 6(d) Certificates and bank questionnaires.

Maintenance Administration

Whether contractors or maintenance personnel are utilized, the following
services would be provided:

  • Preparing, recording, coordinating and supervising the performance of work.
  • Hiring and supervising personnel and contractors’ performance.
  • Purchase supplies and maintain inventory where applicable.
  • Soliciting competitive bids for contracted services and awarding contracts at the instruction of the Board.
  • Inspecting building grounds (as agreed upon) and providing the Trustees with progress reports and recommendations.
  • Administer vehicle-towing procedures at the direction of the Board.
  • Twenty-four hour Emergency Service to be billed according to service rendered.

Financial Administration

E. P. Management maintains all books and records on an accrual basis
accounting unless otherwise directed by the Board. EPM uses PC computers,
which is networked with Timberline Software, which specializes in Property
Management. EPM will provide the following financial management services:

  • Collection of fees and assessments.
  • Maintain operating checking account in the name of the Association.
  • Maintain segregated interest-bearing accounts for reserve for replacement funds as instructed by the Board.
  • Provide notice of assessments to the Unit Owners.
  • Maintain Unit Owner records and maintain accurate records of fee payments and balances.
  • Provide prompt notices to delinquent Unit Owners and proceed with collection process per Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 183A, and as outlined in Chapter 400 as instructed by the Board.
  • Serve as a liaison with the Association’s attorney in matters involving delinquency collections and other legal matters.
  • Work with the Board to develop an operating budget with assumptions and recommendations prior to the expiration of the fiscal year.
  • Prepare operating reports for the Board.
  • Cooperate and coordinate with the Association’s accountant in the preparation of the Association’s tax returns and year-end financial reports
  • Provide year-end operating statement to be reviewed and approved by the Board and distributed to all unit owners as requested.
  • Receive all vendor invoices and pay invoices as approved.

Insurance Administration

E. P. Management Corp. recognizes the need to establish procedures to ensure the administration of potential claims. EPM does not represent themselves as insurance risk advisors. EPM will provide the following insurance administration:

  • Maintain records of all association insurance coverage
  • Act as a liaison with the insurance agent and direct them to seek competitive bids when directed by the Trustees for the association insurance coverage’s.
  • Investigate and maintain records and reports of damages,
    accidents and claims relating to the Association; submit all
    claims and pertinent information relating to claims involving
    the Association in an efficient and timely manner.

Operational Management

E.P. Management also provides operational services for clients:

  • Contract negotiation for outside services.
  • Annual meeting preparation and attendance.
  • Board meeting attendance and financial reports.
  • Distribution of notices.
  • Enforcement of rules and regulations in conjunction
  • with direction from the Board.
  • Live 24-hour Answering Service for common area emergencies.
  • General inspection of common grounds.
  • Supervision of outside contractors and/or employees.
  • Insurance discussions with the insurance agent and liaison withe the Board on the Agents recommendations and suggestions.
  • Insurance claim processing.

Grounds Management

E.P. Management oversees grounds services to client properties:

  • Coordinate the Lawn and landscape maintenance.
  • Coordinate the Snow removal and sanding of roads, parking, and walks.
  • Coordinate Insect Control.
  • Coordinate Rubbish removal.
  • Coordinate Street light inspection and maintenance.
  • Miscellaneous common area maintenance.